Membership Plans

Receive a Free Trial Membership just by asking for one! Give us a call to learn more details and to arrange for your Free Trial.

All plans include a 24-Hour Keycard to access the fitness center and One Free Session of Personal Training to help you get started.

Annual Membership Rates (12 Month – Paid-In-Full)

 Membership PlansRatesTaxTotal
 Senior Single (Age 65+)$505.00$37.24$542.24
 Senior Family (Age 65+)$731.00$53.91$784.91

Annual – Month-To-Month Payment Plan Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Membership PlansDown PaymentMonthly RatesTaxTotal
Senior Single (Age 65+)$100.00$42.00$3.10$45.10
Senior Family (Age 65+)$125.00$61.00$4.50$65.50

View a copy of our contract (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat)

Insurance Fitness Plans

We have several Insurance fitness reimbursement programs available to save you money each month.

If you have questions about our plans, give us a call: (507) 333-5430 or (507) 330-3996